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Medium drive electric ( Shenzhen ) co., ltd

      Medium drive electric ( Shenzhen ) co., ltd focus on personalized control industrial automation product development, production and sales, with independent intellectual property rights of industrial automation control technology as the foundation, to provide clients with industry-specific products and personalized solutions as the main management pattern, realizes the enterprise value and customer value grow together.< br / > the company was founded in 2015 in shenzhen, shenzhen division - drive electric co., LTD., mainly responsible for product design, use of geographical advantages to attract more technical resources, create more advanced technology platform, to a greater degree of enhance the value of the product.At the same time, the company also introduced advanced management concept, perfect process production system and leading industry technology, which ensured the high quality and high value of the electric products.
      Electric displacement in the independent research and development of series of products, stable quality, flexible control, powerful functions, performance is excellent, professional products and solutions to meet all kinds of form a complete set of machinery, systems integration, and the application of industry demand, in machine tools, textile, metallurgy, lifting, oil field, plastic, chemical industry, municipal and other industries has been widely used.At present main products have frequency converter, ac servo system and so on.
      Of electric displacement is always adhering to the "integrity first, quality first, customer interests first" marketing purposes, depending on customer interests lifeline for the enterprise, the company was established in the region more offices or sales outlets, set up customer service system, the company has a skilled, service in place of the pre-sale, sale, after-sale technical service team, for clients to provide professional services.At the same time, the electric displacement in all provinces across the country have been completed marketing services network, through the electronic information management platform and sales organizations and timely and accurate information communication terminal customers, let customers can enjoy a fast, efficient and sincere services.
        Electric displacement in "to become the world first-class supplier of automation products and services" as the goal, based on the electric transmission, industrial automation, realize the company's grow up together with a partner.