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                                                         Zhongqu Electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Zhongqu Electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. focuses on R&D, production and sales of industrial automation personalized control products, which is based on the industrial automation control technology with independent intellectual property rights. Its main business model is to provide customers with industry-specific products and personalized solutions, thus to realize the mutual growth of the enterprise value and the customer value.


   In 2015, the company established Shenzhen Branch--Shenzhen Zhongqu Electric Co., Ltd., mainly responsible for product design, attracting more technical resources by utilizing geographical advantages, building more advanced technology platform, and improving products’ value. At the same time, the company introduced advanced management idea, complete production system and leading industry technology, which ensures the high quality and high value of Zhongqu electrical products.

  Zhongqu Electric self-developed series of products, with features of stable quality, flexible control, powerful function and excellent performance, the professional products and solutions can meet the requirements of various mechanical matching, system integration and industry application, and the like. They are already widely applied in machine tools, textile, metallurgy, hoisting, oil fields, plastics, chemical industry and Municipal industry. At present, the main products include frequency converter, AC servo system, etc.

  Zhongqu Electric Co., Ltd. always adheres to "integrity first, quality first, customer benefit first" principal and sees customers’ benefits as its own lifeline. The company has established offices and sales outlets in many parts of the country to form a customer service system. With a service team that can provide professional techniques and services to the customers throughout the process. At the same time, Zhongqu Electric Co., Ltd. has built the marketing service network covering all the provinces of the country, and by using the electronic information management platform, they can communicate with each major sales organization and terminal customer timely and accurately, so that the customer can enjoy the quick, efficient and sincere service.


Zhongqu Electric Co., Ltd. aims to become the world’s leading supplier for automation products and services in the world and achieve the mutual growth of both the compay and the partner on the basis of the field of electrical transmission and industrial automation.